Australian Egg Nutrition Council Responds to Canadian Egg Study

AUSTRALIA - The Egg Nutrition Council has labelled a Canadian study into egg yolk consumption effects as 'weak', claiming important variables were not assessed properly.
calendar icon 22 August 2012
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In a statement from the Egg Nutrition Council, they say study has a lot of weaknesses. Important variables are not measured – total dietary intake and physical activity level.

"The stated study strengths of large number of patients, range of egg consumption and objective end-point do not outweigh the weaknesses. The measure of cumulative egg-yolk consumption is associated with many factors but not serum cholesterol. This raises a question of what mechanisms might be at work relating egg-yolk consumption to formation of carotid plaque area and these are not known.

"Without assessing these important variables, it is difficult to isolate egg yolk intake as the key factor associated with carotid plaque progression, a predictor of cardiovascular events such as stroke and heart attack."

The statement continues: "The results are far from conclusive and the authors acknowledge that a prospective study with more detailed information about diet, and other possible confounders such as exercise and waist circumference is needed. As such, this certainly does not justify the comment that 'regular consumption of egg yolk should be avoided by persons at risk of cardiovascular disease.'

"When assessing the totality of research in the area, no clear relationship between egg consumption and risk of coronary heart disease, stroke, death or heart attack exists.

"Given the nutrient-density of eggs and the high quality protein they contain, the majority of people have far more to gain by including eggs in their diet, rather than excluding them."

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