Heering, Van Olst, Hubbard Celebrate 20 Years of Partnership

THE NETHERLANDS - July 2012 marked the 20th anniversary of Heering BV, Transport company André Van Olst and Hubbard working together for 20 years on perfect chicken transport.
calendar icon 29 August 2012
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Heering Director Patrick Heering remarked: “Heering have now been the supplier of specialized chick carriers for Van Olst in Wezep for 20 years. This long term collaboration between Van Olst, their customer primary broiler breeding company Hubbard, and Heering is testament to the close relationship Heering fosters with all our customers.”

He continued: "Our focus has always been on strong technical support, training of drivers and after-sales. Combining these priorities creates a comprehensive and tailored support for our customers. Van Olst is a highly valued customer who continues to inspire Heering with lots of new ideas. They drive our chick carriers long distances and often in difficult conditions including uneven roads and extreme temperatures. Therefore reliability and durability are of paramount importance.”

André van Olst

Owners André van Olst and wife Edit specialize in the transport of day-old-chicks and hatching eggs as well as the distribution of food, and it was in 1992 that they began working with Hubbard in the Netherlands. Van Olst have transported Hubbard products for 20 years, using exclusively Heering chick carriers; specially designed and constructed for the transportation of day-old-chicks and hatching eggs.

“With 15 of these chick carriers currently on the road, Hubbard is very pleased with the results” explained Van Olst. “The carriers have a large capacity, good ventilation; cooling and heating. But perhaps most importantly, Heering are in constant development and refinement of their products, and always keen to hear our feedback.”

He continued: “Last year Heering started to work on a second diesel engine under the semi-trailer. Through mutual consultation we now have a design which will pre-empt any problems with the original diesel engine. Should a fault appear, the second diesel unit with built-in generator will take over immediately. We presently have 6 Heering chick carriers with a second diesel engine, so we are very optimistic about what the next 20 years working together will bring.


Hubbard is one of the major international broiler breeding companies in the world. Van Olst started transportation for Hubbard for the production centre in the Netherlands in 1992. Van Olst successfully transported all the grandparent hatching eggs to the hatchery in Wezep as well as transporting the chicks to Hubbard’s customers and various airports.

“Transport is a crucial link” explained Business Director Paul Boekholt.

“Hubbard is highly active in R&D, product development and production of our breeding stock with the highest quality and hygiene status. It is imperative that we can trust the business to whom our transport is outsourced, as the quality of the carrier has a direct impact on each chick. Nowadays Van Olst takes care of all the Hubbard exports out of our main production centre in France using the impeccable Heering chick carriers. That is a very crucial link in the chain of quality. For 20 years now, Van Olst and Heering have consistently met our stringent demands. They create and guarantee the best possible transport for our chicks.”

Charlotte Johnson

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