Morris Hatchery, Worldwide Player in USA, Placed NOVOGEN Breeders

US - Morris Hatchery, Inc. in the USA has been operating as a family owned and operated business since 1962. They originally began with their quail breeding, hatching and growing operations. Throughout the years of continual expansion, they have grown to become a major producer of many different strains of poultry.
calendar icon 20 August 2012
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Ed Morris, President and owner of Morris Hatchery underlines: “We currently have over 8,000,000 ft2 (about 750,000 m2) of breeding and growing space, are hatching over 3 million birds per month and we have expanded our operations worldwide being the largest independent commercial broiler hatching egg exporter. We, at Morris Hatchery, Inc. are the largest producers of top quality commercial broiler hatching eggs.

"We have our own commercial breeder stock to produce top quality broiler hatching eggs. We use parent stock of all the major broiler breeds available on the market, such as Cobb, Ross and Hubbard. Our layer day-old-chick and hatching egg business is focused in the southern US, this market as well as in the Caribbean Territories expands steadily. Since the latest breed of layers, NOVOGEN, has come on the market able to show very promising results with their highly competitive commercial laying hens, white and brown, we recently have placed the first NOVOGEN breeder flocks.”

Focus on quality and service

The hatchery operations at Morris Hatchery are maintained under strict sanitary conditions and their premises are routinely inspected by the USDA Veterinarians and by the State of Florida and they are members of the National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP).

All breeder birds are also blood tested annually by a USDA Veterinarian and are certified to be disease free. Every shipment that leaves the hatchery goes through the most rigid standards. We provide a fast and efficient delivery service through one of the largest international airports in the world, Miami International Airport, located only thirty minutes away from us.

Throughout the years, Morris Hatchery’s objectives have been aimed at giving its customers the highest quality poultry and their best service.

“Our strategy is, if you succeed, we succeed! We are therefore very proud to incorporate the NOVOGEN products into our product line in our search for further expansion based on quality and service”, continued Ed Morris.

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