New Poultry Plant Opens in Murmansk

24 August 2012, at 9:43am

RUSSIA - The Governor of Murmansk Marina Kovtun opened the new production line poultry meat processing complex in the LLC Delicate last week.

The head of the region was shown the butchery workshops, and the lines for processing and packaging of semi-finished products using modern Russian and German equipment.

The packaging section can pack the 10-11 tonnes of product in a shift. The modernisation of the plant will help increase the total yield of poultry meat from eight tonnes to 26 tonnes a day.

"Murmansk Agriholding has the complete production cycle," said Marina Kovtun.

"This means that everything from raw materials to finished products are made here in the region.

"The meat comes from local pig and poultry farms, is processed in local production plants and the products go directly to our stores. Such autonomy is a key element to food security in the region."