PCS Announces New Mite Treatment

22 August 2012, at 9:01am

UK - FOSSILSHIELD is a non-toxic diatomaceous powder. As the mite attempt to remove FOSSILSHIELD from their skin, the powder begins to scratch away their waxy outer layer, exposing the fatty tissue underneath. The powder then dries this tissue, killing the insect naturally.

The unique FOSSILSHIELD + PCS professional on-site electrostatic application, charges the powder, allowing for a robust and long-term coverage of different surfaces.

A treatment should take place after clean out and prior to bird placement and should typically last for up to 40 weeks. However 85 per cent of PCS customer farms require no further treatment throughout the laying period.

FOSSILSHIELD can be applied to any poultry set up, but it is best suited to free range, multi-tier/alternative and breeder systems.