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calendar icon 1 August 2012
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A family-owned business in Australia, Santrev combines generations of experience in poultry growing with more than 40 years of experience in shed building – a mix unique in the industry. Over the years, the company has built the broiler, breeder, layer and free range facilities that have become the industry benchmark, so we know what works for growers and what does not.

Santrev has built hundreds of sheds and are the poultry grower's choice in Australia. However, the company also has international representatives in Asia, South America, Russia and the Middle East. No matter where you are located on the globe, it can offer consultancy or can source professional project managers to assist you build first class poultry sheds.

The company takes great pride in everything it does, but some things are especially important: the quality of materials and workmanship; delivering on-time and within budget; unmatched service standards, and the many innovations developed over the years that help make poultry houses second to none.

In addition to designing and constructing poultry houses, in Australia, Santrev installs all associated controlling, heating, cooling, feeding and watering systems – a complete turn-key solution.

Shed investments are long term and so too is Santrev’s partnership. It starts from the first time they sit down to discuss plans. As growers, the firm understands the underlying economics and operational requirements. By listening to you and working with you, Santrev ensures shed is cost-effective and able to sustain high production performance for many years. It’s just one way that the company's reputation safeguards investments. Importantly, the company does not disappear once the shed is built. Security and peace of mind are enhanced by on-going after-sales service and long warranties – something the company is comfortable offering because of its faith in quality and workmanship. Using high level of repeat business as a guide, Santrev sees that customers agree.

No other poultry house builder can match this company for experience in design. For the past three generations, the firm has been at the forefront of poultry house design and development. From testing and specification of enhanced insulation and fire retardant, to the development and refining of the clean skin ventilated shed, Santrev has played a major role in setting the Australian design standard for others to follow.

Santrev will work with you and your team to put together a world class poultry construction (and equipment fit-out) project in the design phase - its experience and consultants will ensure your facility will be a top performer.

Building a modern poultry shed, farm or enterprise is a highly specialised design and construction project. Its poultry sheds are purpose-built and integrate design elements that will ensure your birds perform optimally. Bird performance is the overall measure of liveability, growth rate, feed conversion and meat or egg production ‘output’ per bird.

Santrev also engages leading livestock production professionals and veterinarians to ensure today’s design is up to date and optimises:

  • bird health / biosecurity
  • food safety
  • environmental care
  • safety and fire prevention.

The company’s sheds are competitively priced and are constructed from quality materials. Investing in one if its sheds is an investment in your sustainable farming future.

Santrev can organise all the equipment you require for your next turn-key build. Once construction equipment is quality-assured by Australian trained staff based in China, the firm will have the poultry shed equipment ready for you to build, in full and on time. That is the company’s guarantee.

If you need it to project manage your next build, it can work with you – whether its one shed or 100 shed poultry complex. Santrev has built some of the largest poultry complexes for the Australian poultry industry and can manage the build from design all the way through to shed commissioning.

A Santrev poultry house will deliver winning performance for many, many years. For proven quality and reliability, trust in the firm’s experience.

For more information, contact Santrev Representatives at (+61) 07 3281 3200 or by emailing [email protected]

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