Brazlian Poultry Industry Calls for Govt Help

BRAZIL - The president of the Brazilian Poultry Union (UBABEF), Francisco Turra, is protesting against the decision of the National Monetary Council (CMN) to extend to February 15 the payment of installments of arrears or bills due between January 1st this year and February 14, 2013, restricted only to non-integrated producers.
calendar icon 10 September 2012
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As explained by the president of UBABEF, over 90 per cent of all producers of the Brazilian poultry sector are integrated to agribusinesses. The measure, in this sense, has virtually no effect to reduce the serious conditions facing the majority of poultry farmers.

"I can only think there was misunderstanding of CMN in the perception of the poultry sector in which the majority are integrated. The measure would not only get to all producers, as well as agribusiness, responsible for moving the chain. In the most serious crisis in our history, the federal government has been manifested by support measures in dropper without forcefulness, unlike what we see happening in other agricultural sectors not national "protests."

Mr Turra remembers the announcement made by the government in the first half of this year on the Greater Brazil Plan, which originally had a series of measures to support the industry, but without any measure aimed at agribusiness.

"Only in our industry are over 700 thousand direct jobs in the factories. Nearly 6000 have been lost, many companies have reduced shifts, others closed. Despite this we see no response from the government about the seriousness of our situation. We are beginning to ask ourselves - what else needs to happen to our industry - for the government to help us," he concluded.

Charlotte Johnson

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