Agrilamp Launches Five New Products at EuroTier

GERMANY - This year's EuroTier will see five new cost-effective solutions from Agrilamp for fast and economical installations for poultry equipment installers and low-cost maintenance for farmers.
calendar icon 24 October 2012
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The name “Agrilamp” is now synonymous with poultry producers the world over for being the market leader in new technology poultry lighting development.

“Plug and Play”: Installation times will be cut dramatically and costs savings of up to €1,000 per row of lighting in a typical aviary system compared to a traditional installation, with the Agrilamp Plug and Play system that has been long awaited. The first sites with the full production system have now been fully installed in Switzerland by Agrilamp Distributor, Globogal, with great results.

OEM’s cage and colony manufacturers are now having their colony systems and broiler cages measured up for the Agrilamp Plug and Play as this means the lighting can be installed as the construction progresses, providing light for workers as they go and removing the need to climb into new structures risking damage to new cage systems. Fixings can be pre cut into the steel structures so no additional fixing is required, not a single screw in sight.

“Agrimount”: provides a mounting facility for Plug and Play and the Standard Agrilamp Armatures of either vertical, 90 degrees or 45 degrees with a simple snap fixing of the armature that takes seconds to install.

“Agrisnubb”: For the past five years Agrilamp has seen fluctuations in power supplies, interference from inverters and motors the world over, that can cause problems with energy efficient systems. As we use less and less energy we become more susceptible to outside influences in the power supply and we needed a way to isolate Agrilamp solutions from the rest of the existing systems. Agrisnubb is a brand new tool to isolate both sides of the circuit without increasing load.

“Agxtube”: It is what it says on the box. In many countries we find old existing systems that are expensive to replace, requiring a rewire and new fittings simply because the old armatures are too short to install anything but an incandescent light bulb on a ceramic base. Agxtube is a quick solution to extend existing installations and allow the fitting of new energy efficient Agrilamp and maintain the existing fittings saving thousands.

“Armature 2”: While the company has amazing modern installations with Plug and Play and the now well-known AGAdaptor systems, sometimes there is a need for the most basic armature at a price everyone can afford.

Agrilamp will be at EuroTier Hall 9 Stand E03.

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Charlotte Johnson

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