Bird Flu under Control in Mexico

25 October 2012, at 10:32am

MEXICO - The Mexican President has said that the outbreak of avian influenza is now completely under control in Mexico.

Sixty-eight consecutive days have occurred wit no new cases reported, which suggests eradication of the disease and the hope for Mexico that it will soon recover its bird flu free status.

The President congratulated the government and industry for their collaboration which has resulted in successful control of the disease.

Over the last few months, 22 million birds have been slaughtered. If it wasn't for the quick response of the government and industry, this virus would have had an irreversible effect on the Mexican poultry industry.

As well as acting quicky, the preventative approach using vaccines was an important measure used to control the disease.

As well as preventing the outbreak, both parties worked hard to continue to promote eggs to the public and ensure there was a stable supply of products onto the markets.

Egg prices are now beginning to stabilise, having fallen steadily over the last seven weeks.

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