Californian Farm Becomes Certified Humane for Free-Range Eggs

29 October 2012, at 9:24am

US - Coastal Hill Farm in Petaluma, California has become Certified Humane® for its pastured (free-range) eggs.

Coastal Hill Farm is owned by Bobby Foehr. Mr Foehr learned farming from his grandfather and when he graduated from California Polytechnic State University with a degree in poultry science, he founded the 70 acre farm which raises pastured poultry. The laying hens of Coastal Hill Farm are free to roam over the green hills of Petaluma, California.

Mr Foehr takes a holistic approach to his farming.

“I try to make each aspect of the farm complement the others in some way so as to maximise the diversity and efficiency of resources,” he says.

“I believe that animals will produce the best products if they are given good feed, water, and ample space outside to do what comes naturally.” Mr Foehr is also constantly learning new techniques, and trying to improve the quality of his animals’ lives.

“By becoming Certified Humane®, we have shown that we are serious about how we treat our laying hens, and that we are providing them with the best environment and management practices.”

Coastal Hill Farm eggs can be purchased directly from the farm, at the Point Reyes Farmers Market, as well as in local stores in the area. For more information about Coastal Hill Farm, visit their website.

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