CareFree Enzymes at EuroTier

GERMANY - If you have a parasite, fly or ammonia problems, CareFree Enzymes could help.
calendar icon 25 October 2012
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CareFree Enzymes is an American company that manufactures natural blends of enzymes that are free of bacteria and work in all types of environmental conditions. Their enzyme products are 100 per cent environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and biodegradable. Currently, there is nothing as strong and as safe on the market as CareFree Enzymes all-natural products.

CareFree Enzyme products will work on and around all animals - poultry, pigs, cows, horses and goats - with long-lasting results.

All of the products are like no other because they fit the real needs of the company's customers.


If you have a parasite problem with mites, lice, and fleas, this product will eliminate your problem on and off your animals for long periods of time. Toxic chemicals will also ravage your livestock killing your weaker and sick animals. The carefully blended array of enzymes eliminates the entire life cycle; egg, pupa, larvae and adult arthropods, naturally with no harm to your investment in your livestock



Flies a problem? Even though you may have the best bio-security system in place, should you have a fly problem, your bio-security is worthless. Flies are a major contributor to cross-contamination of diseases. The unique blend of enzymes mixed with selected fragrances works as a barrier on and around your animals protecting the animal from not only flying and biting insects but from crawling parasites as well.


Ammonia a problem? The selected proprietary blends of enzymes are formulated to attack the malodor odour at the source instantly; changing ammonia to ammonium. The selected blends of enzymes are also very effective in keeping slurry pits liquefied without scum layers.

Visit CareFree Enzymes at EuroTier, booth 15-A42.

Charlotte Johnson

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