NGO Urges Indian Government to Aid Poultry Farmers

19 October 2012, at 12:12pm

INDIA - A Non-Government Organisation (NGO) has urged the government to provide greater financing, research and extension services to small and medium poultry farmers.

The NGO also urged the government to implement stronger environmental and animal welfare regulations which would discourage further industrialisation of the farm animal sector, reports the India Gazette.

"The government must also invest more in the rural supply chain allowing poor farmers practising more humane and sustainable free-range egg and chicken production to capture a greater share of the market for eggs and meat," said the NGO Humane Society, in its letter to Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar.

According to the NGO, in India, over the past 50 years, egg and chicken meat production has been radically transformed from a largely backyard activity to a massive agro-industry. But around 140 to 200 million egg-laying hens suffer extreme confinement in wire battery cages.