Novus Eases Access to Information on Methionine Sources

GLOBAL - Novus International, Inc. has launched a new state-of-the-art web site for Novus Methionine Solutions,
calendar icon 16 October 2012
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The web site,, is designed to offer nutritionists, feed industry decision-makers and livestock producers easy-to-access information on sources of methionine activity, such as ALIMET, MHA, MFP and MERA MET for livestock, companion and aquatic animal diets.

Novus is committed to bringing solutions to the market that help our customers increase production efficiency and get more value from their ingredients. As feed ingredient prices exhibit greater volatility and resources become scarcer, formulating to meet amino acids (AA) requirements with a methionine source from Novus helps optimize rations and feed mixes. The new Novus methionine website makes finding this decision-making information easier.

"The new website will allow global feed and ingredient information seekers to quickly and easily locate Novus Methionine Solutions for their species, along with the key benefits of ALIMET, MHA, MFP and MERA MET over competitive products," noted Jim Gerardot, Executive Director of Global Strategic Marketing, at Novus. "In line with our Solutions, Service, Sustainability platform, Novus is striving to help make decisions easier for the feed industry through our global vision and local action."

The new website is very intuitive, easy to navigate, with all useable information organized by species and just a quick click away. The website also incorporates the look-and-feel of the new brand platform that Novus launched earlier this year – 'The Triple-S Bottom Line' – Solutions, Service and Sustainability.

Novus is a leading global provider of liquid and dry sources of methionine activity to animal feeds," said Jeff Klopfenstein, Methionine Business Unit President, at Novus. "Re-inventing how we market a 30-year old product, like ALIMET, that already has exceptional brand identity and is one of our flagship products, we felt it was appropriate to elevate the visibility of Novus Methionine Solutions. The website will help us better serve the needs and interests of all our customers, colleagues and prospects."

Novus Methionine Solutions deliver a naturally occurring precursor of L-methionine called HMTBa. Over three decades of research show Novus Methionine Solutions deliver measureable improvements in performance over DL-methionine (DLM) at normal industry supplementation levels. This information is easier to find now with, along with videos and supporting information on the products.

All methionine sources are not created equal. The forms and types of amino acids available commercially vary not only in their methionine density, but also in uptake and response in the target animal. Bioavailability has a major bearing on the overall nutritional value of the amino acid product used. Novus is committed to providing solutions that optimise diet formulations for poultry, pork, beef, dairy, aqua and companion animals whether you are dealing with heat stress or feed conversion ratios.

Novus Methionine Solutions deliver more than just methionine. The unique chemical structure of Novus's HMTBa molecule delivers functional benefits other methionine sources can't. Novus Methionine Solutions deliver methionine activity and provide added benefits over DL-methionine which help producers maximize performance both in the field and on the bottom line.

Animal performance: Studies show Novus Methionine Solutions deliver measureable improvements in performance over DL-methionine at normal industry supplementation levels. The unique molecular structure of Novus's HMTBa-based solutions allows them to deliver improved performance by not being subject to the limitations of DL-methionine products.

Heat stress: Novus Methionine Solutions consistently outperform DL-methionine during periods of heat stress. Supplementing diets with HMTBa helps limit the drop-off in feed consumption during times of heat stress, thus, optimizing animal performance.

Gut health: Once in the gut, HMTBa can inhibit bacterial growth. This advantage can have a positive effect on food-borne pathogens and support animals in reaching their genetic potential.

Better for the environment: Novus Methionine Solutions, unlike DL-methionine, do not contain nitrogen and, therefore, do not add to the nitrogen load on the environment and, thus, are more environmentally friendly. Replacing dietary crude protein in feed formulations with amino acid sources can reduce nitrogen excretions.

Mould growth: Organic acids, like HMTBa, can inhibit mold growth in finished feed.

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