Agrilamp Launches Fund to Help UK Producers

by 5m Editor
29 November 2012, at 10:47am

UK - After what was undoubtedly the best ever EuroTier for Agrilamp, with ever increasing interest into the way in which the company operates a strictly agriculture-only approach to the market and the continued success of its products.

Agrilamp announces AGRIFUND UK - a $1-million dollar fund to enable farmers to gain access to Agrilamp without the need to dig deep into their pockets.

Cash in hand to buy into new technology has always been an obstacle for farmers and with rising feed and energy prices meaning farmers need to make more savings, many are turning to Agrilamp. With savings of up to 95 per cent against incandescent lighting and as much as 65 per cent against fluorescent tubes and CFL’s, plus the additional benefits from a robust light specifically developed for use in the poultry industry. The only obstacle was the cash.

Agrifund is a simple way to solve the cash flow problem; in short a farmer buys the 9w bulbs at £1 per month over 30 months after which they own it. In most cases this means the energy saved each month covers the cost of the bulbs with a cash surplus.

Noble Foods in the UK has begun a roll out of 6,000 of the Agrilamps across its own sites, having spent the last four years helping Agrilamp to develop its products, it is also endorsing the bulbs to all of its UK producers.

In conjunction with its UK Master distributor Jansen UK and a team set up specially to deal with the demand at the UK offices of Agrilamp in Derby. The UK roll out has begun with as many as 30 farms taking up the offer in the first week.

Interested farmers should contact the Agrifund team 01332 547 140 or Jansen UK on 01884 2431 35 before the offer ends. Or [email protected]