Lack of Market Cripples Zanzibar's Poultry Farming

29 November 2012, at 12:47pm

ZANZIBAR - Lack of market for small-scale poultry farmers has been blamed for the poor poultry farming in Zanzibar.

Speaking to reporters in Unguja West District, members of the poultry keepers association said they cannot advance because of competitive market by chick and egg importers, reports Tanzania Daily News.

"We do not have reliable market. Our projects risk collapsing if the authorities fail to protect our products," said Halima Abdallah Ahmed, a farmer in Kombeni, complaining of water shortage and insufficient medical supply for poultry.

Similar complaints were also raised by some members of Zanzibar House of Representatives in October this year, when they questioned the relevance of importing chicken and eggs, while local farmers could produce enough supply.

But in response to the concern, the Zanzibar Minister for Livestock and fisheries Mr Abdullahi Jihadi Hassan said that insufficient production of chicken has prompted Zanzibar to rely heavily on chicken imported from abroad.