Unchanged Input Prices Causing Steady Poultry Markets

16 November 2012, at 2:24pm

INDIA - Poultry prices have been forecast to remain level over the next few days due to trends in input costs levelling and good demand.

Changes in feed ingredients has been marginal with Soyameal prices increasing marginally by Rs 10 and quoted at Rs 2,960 a quintal, according to The Hindu Business Line.

Pearl Millet decreased by Rs 30 at Rs 1,230; maize at Rs 1,440 was Rs 10 down from the previous level, while DCP remained unaltered at Rs 36 a kg. Rice bran was Rs 57 a litre, while fish oil was at Rs 65.

Broiler concentrates were selling for Rs 1,885 for a 50kg bag while broiler starter mash was at Rs 1,430.

Broiler pre-starter concentrate (30 per cent) sold at Rs 1,625 for a 30-kg bag while layer concentrate quoted at Rs 1,430 for a 50kg bag.

Broiler and chick sales improved due to increased demand unlike eggs, which saw a fall in sales.

Egg fell by 25 paise at Rs 3; broiler Rs 52-53 a kg. Rs were reproted as rising up two from the previous level. Chick prices were up by 2 Rs at Rs 8-10.