Fully 'Enriched' Future in Egg Production

by 5m Editor
7 December 2012, at 3:44pm

US - A new survey indicates that American consumers overwhelmingly support national legislation requiring egg producers to switch to enriched colony housing systems.

More space and a variety of features which allow the hens to exhibit more of their behaviors: egg production in the enriched colony housing system AVECH

These provide the laying hens with nearly double the amount of space they currently have in conventional cages plus provide features which allow the hens to exhibit more of their natural behaviors.

Are you interested in learning more about enriched colony systems, what precisely they are, how they are beneficial and what the science behind them is?

Please click here: it leads you to a helpful video of the United Egg Producers giving a thorough overview of the new system. The housing system used to illustrate the “enriched” future of egg production was Big Dutchman’s AVECH.