Newcastle Disease Outbreak in Nicaragua

12 December 2012, at 10:41am

NICARAGUA - An outbreak of Newcastle disease has been reported to the OIE.

The outbreak was reported by Dr Marvin Rodríguez Gutierrez, Director of Salud Animal, Departamento de Vigilancia, Nicaragua.

The outbreak began in the Community Los Jirones, where there was a population of 899 birds.

Signs began six days before being reported. According to the owners of the birds, the animals showed neurological signs: torticollis and motor incoordination; digestive signs characterized by greenish fetid diarrhea and lack of appetite and nasal discharge followed by death.

The owners decided to use antibiotics, but the signs of infection did not stop and mortality continued gradually, with up to 110 birds dying in 11 days.

In the Community Palo Quemado, next to Los Jirones, the bird population was 881, 170 of which died showing the same signs as described above.

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