US Turkey Imports, Exports up in 2012

by 5m Editor
28 December 2012, at 11:32pm

US - Turkey meat exports have maintained increasing exports and imports, after peaking in 2010 and dropping 2011, have also increased again in 2012.

January-October 2012 cumulative total turkey meat exports are 17 per cent higher compared to a year ago.

During January to October 2012, the US's top five turkey meat export destinations have been Mexico, China, Canada, Philippines and Hong Kong.

According to the USDA's latest International Egg and Poultry review, about 76 per cent of country's total turkey neat output went to the top five countries.

Turkey product imports, during January-October 2012, rose 4 per cent compared to the same time frame a year ago.

Majority of the country's turkey products have been from Canada. However, while while January-October 2012 imports from Chile are lower compared to Canada, they appear to be increasing by as much as 14 per cent, compared to a 4 per cent increase from Canada during the same time frame in 2011.

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