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US - Grupo Ox, based in Spain, develops and manufactures a highly effective and new-generation range of biosafety solutions.
calendar icon 10 January 2013
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With more than 15 years of experience, we are headquartered in the Walqa Technology Park in Huesca (Spain), in a highly scientific and technical knowledge centered environment, and faithfully reflects the company's policies by being entirely biosustainable.

Grupo Ox was created to supply the market with a range of ecological and biodegradable biocidal products and services whose fields of application include overall health and prevention, whilst maintaining our commitment to caring for the environment.

Its progress and experience have allowed Grupo Ox to specialise in a new concept of integrated biosafety management, with its main strength being the provision of 3E solutions: effective, ecological and economically viable.

All OX products are distinguished by their differentiating qualities, especially their ecological nature, and they are all completely harmless and biodegradable. The products come with special properties resulting from the addition of OX CORES, with a specific formula for each product, to the active substances used in them.

However, OX-CTA, goes one step further by specialising in the application of its state-of-the-art biocidal products as well as manufacturing them. The company's applicational 'know-how' therefore guarantees the efficacy of the treatment at all times.

On the basis of its experts' in-depth understanding of the different fields of application, the company develops, implements and manages integrated solutions that form part of personalised biosafety programs that can be adapted to meet the needs of each client to finally improve the quality and competitiveness of their business. The implementation of personalised biosafety programs for each client is vital to achieve effective health control.

From the very outset, the company's research, development and practical innovation efforts have been a strategic differentiating factor and starting point that has allowed it to become a key technology partner for its clients - rather than simply a supplier - to whom it offers the best solutions tailored to meet their needs and their business.

OX's R+D+I+A efforts, with particular emphasis on innovation, are channelled via a department specifically established for that purpose, as a result of which our business policy requires a collaboration with other bodies to achieve our strategic innovation and quality goals, thereby achieving maximum efficacy in customer care and the highest possible reliability of our products.

OX's work protocols guarantee animal health and compliance with current legislation, as well as internal company and environmental regulations, whilst optimising production processes and taking into account operational efficiency and brand integrity.

Ox-Virin® is its elite disinfectant, with broad spectrum even against coccidia oocysts.
Ox-Agua® 2nd generation is its exclusive water disinfectant, also removing biofilm.
The active ingredients are hydrogen peroxide, peracetic & acetic acid and stabilised with an exclusive Ox-Core.

The company welcomes you at its booth no. A-161.

For more information, visit the company's web site, www.grupoox.com.

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