TETRA: Well on Track

US - Thanks to a consequent breeding and marketing activity as well as the outstanding characteristics of the TETRA hybrids, Babolna TETRA managed to expand its clientele in 2012.
calendar icon 15 January 2013
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This increment meant that from 2012 the TETRA hybrids are on sale in further countries in Europe, Asia and also in Africa.

Due to the yearly sales developments, Bábolna TETRA is in a position to increase its breeder flock and hatchery capacities in 2013. TETRA has made significant genetic progress, which makes the brand well accepted in many countries.

As TETRA birds in general are strong and reliable nowadays, Bábolna TETRA is supplying parent stock all over the world. But what makes TETRA competitive?

They easily tolerate the different management methods and achieve excellent production results even under extreme climate conditions. Moreover, in terms of calm behaviour or livability in various conditions, the performance of TETRA is comparable to the other competitor breeds recently available in the layer market.

The performance of TETRA is demonstrated not only by international tests but also by clients' own tests, where TETRA maintains a good position amongst the competitor breeds.

The 'Long Life Laying Program' started in 2008, carried out in cooperation with several universities and research institutes, in 2012, it achieved the stage of marketing a new hybrid with prolonged life production.

The new generation of the internationally well-known TETRA-SL brown layers under the name of TETRA-SL LL (Tetra Brown LL) is suitable for both intensive industrial and extensive production, either in cage or alternative systems, regardless of environmental conditions, due to their extreme stress tolerance and excellent production capability.

The genetic potential of TETRA-SL LL makes the hybrid capable of producing 420-425 eggs during its 90-week life-cycle, showing outstanding egg quality even at the end of the production period.

These results are achieved with 108 to 114g of daily feed intake and five to seven per cent mortality.

Bábolna TETRA continues to offer their wide range of hybrids, with a selection programme focusing on the improvement of the production parameters.

The black-feathered TETRA HARCO (Tetra Black) performs very well, not only under intensive but extensive management conditions, and tolerates incidental minor deficiencies of feeding and/or technology.

By producing excellent quantities of good-sized quality eggs, TETRA BLANCA (Tetra White) is bred to be suitable for industrial white egg production as well as for cage-free production, thanks to its docile nature and ability to remain well-feathered.

TETRA AMBER is a good choice for alternative systems due to its disease resistance and its high adaptability.

The Rhode Island White and Leghorn auto-sexable cross-bred TETRA TINT with good production parameters and high resistance is an excellent choice to cover special demands for cream-coloured eggs.

For better meat production under the name of TETRA-H, SUPER-HARCO and TETRA HB Colour, Bábolna TETRA is going ahead to make developments with the so-called 'farm hybrids'.

Considering all the genetic potential of TETRA hybrids and the technical background, Bábolna TETRA is seeking potential new clients every year.

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