EU, Brazil Seal Chicken Trade Deal

by 5m Editor
26 February 2013, at 9:25am

BRAZIL - A new import regime for certain prepared or preserved poultry meat from Brazil to the European Union will make greater profitability a possibility for Brazilian exporters. Imports are subject to a tariff quota which is to reach 158,200 tons.

The agreement, which comes into effect from 1 March, is the result of a bilateral understanding that modifies the import regime of the EU that began in 2009. The agreement also adapts to the rules of the World Trade Organization (WTO).

As a result, Brazil has negotiated the right to specific quotas, whose management is shared by the governments of Brazil and the European Union. The new system must partially or fully offset the increase of tariffs for imports above the quota set for the amount.

The EU is the main market for prepared and preserved poultry meat from Brazil.