Chickens Just as Busy as Easter Bunnies

by 5m Editor
28 March 2013, at 8:08am

AUSTRALIA - Although Easter is usually synonymous with the chocolate egg, it seems chicken eggs are also in huge demand this weekend.

ABC reports that egg producers are doubling their production, with Easter being one of their busiest times of the year.

Darren 'Chook' Letton, from South Australia's Riverland, says he's doubled his output to more than 140,000 eggs, which he says are demanded for the barbeque and local cafes this weekend.

"Easter's probably our equal busiest time, to Christmas, and it's a lot to do with holiday traffic, I think, coming up, double the eggs," he said.

"And you have to plan it so you don't run out and it's been a bit stressful."