Highly Topical Issues on the Agenda at IEC Madrid

by 5m Editor
8 March 2013, at 10:26am

SPAIN - ‘What is in my food’ is very much in the minds of European consumers at the moment due to the recent discoveries of horsemeat in beef products. The issue of customer trust in what they are eating has never been more important and our speakers from Iceland Foods, Brigid Davidson and Nicola Conway will highlight this during their discussion of Food Retailing over the next decade.

Professor David Hughes will look at how the egg industry can benefit from this issue as he discusses whether eggs and egg products can exploit declining red meat consumption in developed countries.

The horsemeat scandal in Europe has once more highlighted the importance of having a strong crisis communication strategy and Dr Vincent Covello will be on hand to make sure that all delegates leave the sessions on Monday fully informed on this subject.

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