Stressed Broilers? Betafin Natural Betaine the Correct Choice

UK - When production stresses are a problem and eating into your profits, supplementing feed with Betafin® natural betaine from Danisco Animal Nutrition (part of DuPont®) is the natural way to maintain performance and reduce animal production costs.
calendar icon 28 March 2013
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Betafin® natural betaine is an osmolyte, maintaining cellular water and ion balance, which spares valuable metabolic energy in the animal. This improves carcass lean deposition particularly under production stress.

In broilers exposed to coccidial challenge Betafin® natural betaine improved nutrient digestibility compared to synthetic anhydrous betaine and betaine-HCl products. A trial conducted at Massey University, New Zealand, showed Betafin® natural betaine delivered >€11 per tonne of feed more value than betaine-HCl and ~€10 per tonne of feed more value than synthetic anhydrous betaine based on relative energy and amino acid digestibility in coccidia challenged birds.

In a further study at Massey University, broilers under heat stress showed a significant improvement in feed conversion with Betafin® natural betaine supplementation compared with the control. However, synthetic anhydrous betaine and betaine-HCl products only showed numerical improvement compared with the control. These two studies clearly illustrated that Betafin® natural betaine can offer greater net value in use than either of the synthetic betaine products, particularly for birds under production stress.

The data supports laboratory studies at Kantvik Active Nutrition, Finland, showing that Betafin® natural betaine maintains gut integrity at times of production stress, thereby improving nutrient absorption. This results in better and more uniform poultry growth. New studies using an in vitro intestinal cell model showed that betaine-HCl negatively influenced the gut barrier and reduced the Adenosine Tri-phosphate (ATP) content of cells compared to Betafin® natural betaine. Weak cellular tight junctions between gut epithelial cells can lead to movement of antigens across the gut barrier to provoke a damaging and energetically costly inflammatory response.

Betafin® natural betaine, produced in a highly-purified form from sugar beet, provides poultry producers with consistent animal performance thanks to its wide-ranging osmolytic benefits especially during production stresses. To find out more about how Betafin® natural betaine can improve your profits, contact [email protected]

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