Biomax Technology Recycles Poultry Wastes to Organic Fertiliser

SINGAPORE - Biomax Technologies from Singapore has invented a breakthrough technology that recycles poultry wastes into organic fertiliser within one day.
calendar icon 8 April 2013
clock icon 3 minute read

The Rapid Thermophilic Digestion Technology, as it is called, works with a specially designed digestor and proprietary enzymes in order to achieve an accelerated degradation process to break down complex organic compounds into simpler organic matter at an unprecedented speed. These proprietary enzymes consist of a variety of naturally occurring and non-competing bacteria.

Wastes such as poultry manure, beddings and straws, poultry carcasses, hatchery and slaughtering wastes can be treated using the Biomax system at high temperature at around 80°C. The enclosed digestor makes sure that the smell does not leak out during the process and mixes the wastes with enzymes during 24 hours. This technology can also turn the digestate from biogas plants into high grade fertilizer. The organic fertilizer produced from the system is highly rich in nutrients and organic matter, 100 per cent pathogen-free and odourless. It is completely pasteurized after 24 hours, thus ready to be applied to the farm.

This technology addresses the chronic issues with poultry waste disposal by eliminating the risk of pathogen outbreak and the offensive odour, reducing the foot print needed for waste disposal and minimizing the cost of disposal. Currently, there are two capacities of the digestor machine: a 15-ton digestor and a 50-ton digestor. The system is flexible enough to scale up according to clients’ requirements.

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