Optivite's Enzyme Range

UK - Optivite has been providing enzyme solutions for around 20 years and the range has evolved to include products to suit the majority of feed types around the world.
calendar icon 25 April 2013
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The range is split into non starch polysaccharide (NSP) enzymes under the Optizyme banner with various products being available for different diet types and market requirements.

NSP/phytase combinations in the Optimise range are also available to suit different diets and market needs.

Products are available for both maize and wheat/barley diets for both pigs and poultry. Our maize/soya enzyme was one of the first products of its type for this diet and continues to be one of our biggest sellers.

An intrinsically heat stable version with stability upto 95°C is one of the latest additions to the family. Optizyme products allow significant savings to be made on diet costs by improving nutrient availability to the animal or bird.

The use of more economical raw materials at higher levels is also possible due to the enzymes action allowing more nutrients to be released.

Optimise takes into account the synergy between NSP enzymes and phytase. University research trials combined with commercial prover trials have enabled matrix values to be produced that allow for very significant savings in feed costs to be achieved.

The reduction of dietary phytate, a known anti-nutritive factor can allow significant improvements in performance as well as reducing phosphorus excretion into the environment.

For further details on how the Optivite enzyme products can help you save money in this difficult climate contact us at [email protected].

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