Big Dutchman Novelties for Breeder Management

RUSSIA - Poultry managers should be excited: Big Dutchman has recently launched two novelties for breeder management and presents both at the VIV Russia 2013.
calendar icon 15 May 2013
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“Relax” is equipped with two separate roofs which facilitates the breeder management considerably

Broiler cage AviMax transit: Thanks to the soft flooring the risk of breast blisters is minimised

The group laying nest “Relax”, which is particularly well suited for broiler breeders, will be on display for the first time in Russia. It is equipped with two separate, easy-to-lift nest roofs which significantly facilitates nest and egg belt inspection.

Another new feature is the egg belt with a three-point bearing design: thanks to the increased share of perforated surface and the triangular shape of the holes, contact surfaces between the eggs and the egg belt are minimised. Eggs that are rolling off are slowed down gently which reduces the number of hair-cracked and dirty eggs.

“Relax” is made of high-quality, durable materials, increasing nest acceptance and improving nest hygiene. The smooth surfaces facilitate cleaning and reduce the bacteria load as well as insect infestation during the grow-out. “Relax” has been designed as a nearly screw-less connector system and can therefore be installed easily and rapidly.

Breeder management with Univent cages for AI

The second Big Dutchman novelty for breeder management is a new generation of poultry cages developed specifically for the reproduction of layer and broiler breeders by means of artificial insemination (AI). With the Univent UV-S550 (PS) for breeder rearing and UV-P500-AI for hen management during egg production, two members of this family of innovative breeder cages are on display at the VIV Russia. These new developments make Big Dutchman one of the first suppliers of poultry equipment responding to the trend of using AI in hatching egg production to reach a better fertility and to make greater use of the genetic potential of the birds.

The development was inspired by a classic Big Dutchman product: For decades now, egg producers from all over the world swear by the Univent layer cages. The system is especially popular because of its long service life and high functionality as well as the ideal conditions it provides for both humans and layers. All these successful features have also been applied to the Univent breeder cages for AI. Some of these are the flexible flooring designed for optimum egg quality and the zinc-aluminium coating of all wire parts: This special alloy resists corrosion and rust more effectively than regular cage material, thus ensuring a longer service life. Naturally, the systems can also be equipped with manure belt ventilation.

Broiler cage AviMax transit

One more Big Dutchman recipe for success is presented at VIV Russia: the broiler cage AviMax transit. This system combines the advantages of a broiler cage with the benefits of a manure belt system that doubles as a highly efficient way of transporting the broilers out of the house. Unsurpassed features are the patented, easy-to-operate pivoting floors for a quick and cost-effective moving-out process of the birds. In addition, this innovative technology is gentle to the birds and permits a low system height.

Two different system types of AviMax transit broiler cages are available: AviMax transit 655 is perfectly suited for buildings with low ceilings. Thanks to the pivoting floors, complete rows of birds are quickly moved out so that the birds can be transported outside automatically. The pivoting floors and means of bird transport are also found in the second system type, AviMax transit 775. This system also allows for a quick moving-out procedure of either complete rows or only part of the rows.

Other advantages of AviMax transit include litter-free broiler finishing and thus very hygienic growing conditions. This results in healthy, uniform flocks, increased growth rates and improved feed conversion so that an additional batch can be produced per year. The flooring of the cages is made of flexible, soft plastic which prevents breast blisters and minimizes the risk of skin and feet injuries.

Big Dutchman will be available at Hall 8, stand 34E1/35F1 at VIV Russia.

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