Poultry Council Welcomes Commission Decision on Emissions

24 May 2013, at 10:34am

UK - The British Poultry Council has welcomed the European Commission’s decision not to lower the thresholds for emissions from the farm.

The change in the directive will help keep more poultry farms in the UK out of the regulations that the BPC was concerned would have added increased costs on production.

“BPC is very pleased with the Commission’s decision. Lowering the poultry thresholds would have brought nearly 250 additional poultry farms under the IED – many of them small seasonal turkey producers – and would have significantly increased costs to the industry,” the poultry council said.

“BPC contributed to an economic impact assessment on the poultry industry during the consultation period, which clearly showed that extending the scope of the IED would be detrimental to seasonal producers.”

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