RS Hygiene to Add Further Innovative Biocides

UK - RS Hygiene has provided reliable, cost effective products for over 20 years, adding new, and improving existing, formulations constantly. Disinfectants and water treatments have been criticized by companies that have left the industry, and copied by others, often badly, that have joined.
calendar icon 30 May 2013
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RS Hygiene is still here and will add further innovative biocides that will be listed under the Biocidal Directive and supplement the shrinking list of products available to hard pressed poultry farmers.

Unfortunately, many niche recommendations will disappear because of the cost of meeting regulatory requirements which noone is willing to take on. Animal welfare will suffer as choice, availability and price are adversely affected by these changes.

RS Hygiene plans to continue providing products that are safe to the environment, stock and staff, free of residues and taint and give reliable results at a sensible price. The company does not source cheaper active ingredients of unreliable provenance, nor does it change formulations or recommended rates to meet price competition or to achieve better results in trials or tests.

RS Hygiene does not make comparisons with competitors, conveniently leaving out the best performing products for fear of coming second, nor does it use DEFRA dilutions as ‘evidence’ of performance.

Its rates are proven by trials and warranted by the company. DEFRA dilutions are for use in notifiable disease outbreaks and must be adhered to. RS Hygiene never copies competitors; they might be wrong!

The company's standard promotional practice is to supply commercial sized quantities for full-scale use subject to payment only when satisfactory results are achieved.

For drinking water treatment Aquaperox is an outstanding disinfecting agent, giving enough pH adjustment to enhance gut health and keep limescale at bay. At in use dilutions the scarey allegations that peracetic acid is corrosive simply is not true.

It will also stand pre-dilution to facilitate dosing, where basic peracetic acid can degrade very quickly. Low acetic acid and high peroxide content generally avoids the proliferation of trichoderma. Biocidal performance is significantly better than hydrogen peroxide, which at best is only a bacteriastat.

Oxsan is the only patented peracetic disinfectant, which will be listed under the Biocidal Directive, with a highly effective surfactant system that does not detract from stability, unlike many imitators. The versatility of this formulation makes it first choice for surface disinfection, fogging, as a substitute for formaldehyde and for pipeline cleaning.

For poultry, pigs and on mixed farms Oxsan would be ideal to meet the widest range of challenges in all livestock enterprises. No other chemistry has the width of spectrum that is necessary on a poultry farm, but only the best formulations can meet the challenge.

Bi-Protec is the innovative red mite control, which has proved reliable, safe and long lasting. It does work by abrading and desiccating the mites, but there the similarity with diatomaceous earths ends. There is no dust to cause concerns about inhalation, no unsightly residue and excellent coverage and adhesion are easily achieved.

The formulation ensures rapid, reliable desiccation with almost total kill in a very short time without relying on ambient humidity, which is rarely low enough in a poultry shed.

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