Brazilian Chicken Meat Production up in June

by 5m Editor
9 July 2013, at 7:52am

BRAZIL - Production of chicken meat during June increased while export volumes decreased after four consecutive months of increase, Brazil's Centre for Advanced Studies in Applied Economy (Cepea) reports.

With an increase in domestic availability, chicken meat was devalued in the domestic market last month.

According to researchers from Cepea, at the start of this month, there are signs of recovery, but this could just be a reflection of increased demand typical of the period.

Between 27 June 27 and 4 July, the average price of frozen whole chicken rose 2.5 per cent in Porto Alegre (RS), with the pound rising to R$4.11 on average on Thursday (4 July).

In the same period, the price of processed poultry meat has risen 2.3 per cent in Greater São Paulo and 1.5 per cent in São José do Rio Preto (SP) - with averages of R$2.99/kg and R$2.82/kg, respectively.