E.Coli Study Highlights Need For Cleanliness

11 July 2013, at 10:39am

NORWAY – Antibiotic resistant strains of E.Coli pose no threat to human health providing poultry meat is adequately cooked and good kitchen hygiene is practiced,a study has revealed.

The finding comes from a study of Extended-Spectrum Beta-Lactamase producing strains of E.Coli - bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics.

Recently reviewed by the Norwegian Veterinary Institute (NVI), the study comes as a reaction to 2012 data that showed a third of chicken fillets in Norway contained the ESBL E.Coli.

However, the NVI has issued guidelines to ensure no risks are taken.

The NVI has said ESBL producing E.Coli can be transmitted to humans in a way similar to that of Campylobacter.

Advice from the Institute is therefore similar for Campylobacter control and centre on hygiene and cooking guidelines.