Nicaragua Steps up Biosecurity to Prevent Bird Flu

by 5m Editor
18 July 2013, at 6:42am

NICARAGUA - The Nicaraguan government has reinforced surveillance on the country's borders in order to prevent entry of avian influenza.

Although the disease has not yet been detected in the country, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry is running health and control measures to continue to ensure Nicaragua's bird flu-free status, according to the head of the Ministry, Ariel Bucardo.

Some of the measures adopted by the Ministry include monitoring of both migratory birds and backyard poultry, surveillance of animal health at border posts and training producers programmes on poultry health.

Dr Marvin Rodriguez, director of the Animal Health Protection Directorate of MAG Food Health said that the diagnostic capacity of veterinary services and human resources has also been strengthened.

"Biosecurity in Nicaragua's poultry farms is the best in the region," said Alfredo Velez, President of the National Association of Poultry Producers Food (ANAPA).

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