Six Outbreaks of LPAI Reported in South African Ostriches

by 5m Editor
26 July 2013, at 12:11am

SOUTH AFRICA - The South African veterinary authorities have reported six new outbreaks of low pathogenic avian influenza (LPAI) at several farms in the Free State and Western Cape provinces.

The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) received follow-up report no.1 on Thursday, 25 July. The causal agent has been identified as the LPAI virus, serotype H7N7. The affected population comprises commercial ostriches.

A total of 9374 birds were found susceptible, out of which 3400 cases were reported. No deaths were recorded and no birds were destroyed.

According to the OIE, the outbreaks LPAI_2013H7N7_001 and LPAI_2013H7N7_002 were first notified on 15 April 2013 as part of the on-going H7N1 event since at that time the neuraminidase was suspected as N1. These outbreaks have been confirmed later as H7N7.

Note by the OIE Animal Health Information Department: H5 and H7 avian influenza in its low pathogenic form in poultry is a notifiable disease as per Chapter 10.4. on avian influenza of the Terrestrial Animal Health Code (2012).

The source of the outbreaks remains inconclusive.

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