Unique Mode of Action for Fossil Shield

1 July 2013, at 3:06pm

UK - There are many red mite control products on the market, however, Fossil Shield is a non-toxic diatomaceous earth and is unique in its ability to accept an electrostatic charge due to its high resistance to moisture.

As the mite attempt to remove Fossil Shield from their skin, the powder begins to scratch away their waxy outer layer, exposing the fatty tissue underneath. The powder then dries this tissue, killing the insect naturally.

The Fossil Shield + PCS Poultry professional on-site service provides an electrostatic charge application allowing the powder to grip and wrap around different surfaces and materials, vertical or horizontal, and provides an easier treatment solution to areas that are awkward to reach by hand.

There is no active ingredient in Fossil Shield for the mite to build up a resistance and it can be used turnaround after turnaround.