Consumers Face Difficulty Avoiding Factory-farmed Chicken

by 5m Editor
21 August 2013, at 7:57am

NETHERLANDS - Nearly 75 per cent of chicken and chicken products on Dutch supermarket shelves come from birds which have been fast-bred on factory farms, according to animal welfare lobby group Wakker Dier.

According to, this means consumers have little option than to buy what has become known as plofkip (exploding chicken), the name given to birds which have been raised to maturity in a few weeks.

"If you want to buy drumsticks, chicken wings or burgers, you usually have no alternative," said a spokesman.

Supermarkets Deen and Coop have the best range of non factory-farmed chicken and Jumbo, Hoogvliet and C1000 the worst, Wakker Dier said.