Draft Law on Detailed COOL of Meat Products

by 5m Editor
26 August 2013, at 8:08am

RUSSIA - On 1 August 2013, Russia’s Liberal Democratic Party introduced to the State Duma a draft law that would mandate detailed country-of-origin labeling requirements for all meat products.

In particular, the law proposes a requirement that meat manufacturers include a label on the consumer packaging of meat and meat products, including poultry, that contains a short name of the country of origin for all meat ingredients.

Before the law can be implemented, however, it must first go through the State Duma legislative process, which resumes 1 September 2013. Such a law could take at least two months to be ratified, provided that it is supported by the Duma’s United Russia Party majority.

Unofficial English translations of the draft law “On Amendments to Federal Law, Article 9 "On Quality and Safety of Foodstuffs" and a related explanatory note provided by the Liberal Democratic Party to the State Duma, can be found by clicking here.