Farm Progress Show: Economist Explains China's Strategy to Feed Population

27 August 2013, at 9:05pm

ANALYSIS - Farmers came out today in the 90 degrees F temperatures to see what information and innovations were on display at the Farm Progress Show, held in Decatur, Illinois, US, reports Sarah Mikesell, ThePoultrySite senior editor, live from the show.

This year's show has even more for visitors to see. The Farm Progress Show once again had to expand its show site so that it could host more than 600 companies, almost 100 more exhibitors than in previous years.

Exhibitor Rabo AgriFinance shared insights regarding the US market's leading competitors - Brazil and Argentina - as well as their customers, including China.

Rabo AgriFinance economist Sterling Liddell explains how China's strategy to feed their growing population includes efforts to produce more pork, corn and rice on their own, a move toward more mechanization and through global import marketing strategies.

Farm Progress Show will continue through August 29.