Customs Union Says Yes to Colombian Poultry, Beef

20 September 2013, at 12:06pm

GLOBAL – The customs union reponssible for Russia, Belrus and Kazakhstan has resolved to allow poultry and beef meat imports from Colombia.

The market extension is an announcement from a collaborative panel legislating on Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan borders and includes derivatives of chicken and cattle products.

Colombian officials began the process in 2012 with the launch of a meat quality plan to display suitability for importing markets. A rally was seen from food safety and meat export associations to then break a deal with Russia.

The Colombian Institute for Surveillance of Food and Medicines (INVIMA) described the breakthrough as a ‘great opportunity’ for poultry and beef exporters.

INVIMA reports also indicate Angola has opened markets for Pork.

Exporters have been advised that meats must comply with terms negotiated with the Angolan Ministry of Agriculture.