LPAI Affects Ducks in Taiwanese County

by 5m Editor
24 September 2013, at 7:03am

TAIWAN - The Taiwanese veterinary authorities have reported an outbreak of low pathogenic avian influenza at a farm in Hualien County affecting ducks.

The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) received follow-up report no. 10 on Monday, 23 September. The causal agent has been identified as the LPAI virus, serotype H5N2.

According to the report, a total of 13000 ducks were found susceptible to the outbreak, out of which 20 cases were reported. No deaths were recorded, and no birds were destroyed.

The OIE report states that during the second round of surveillance conducted on the poultry farms around the H5N2 infected duck farm in Hualien County, the H5N2 avian influenza virus was detected from swabs taken from a meat-type duck farm.

Movement restriction was conducted. The result of clinical investigation showed that the duck were in healthy condition.

The national laboratory confirmed on 23 September 2013 this H5N2 outbreak as LPAI by virological test and pathogenicity test (done by lethal rate of susceptible chickens).

The surveillance of poultry farms around the H5N2 affected farm is in progress.

The source of the outbreak(s) remains inconclusive.

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