Poultry Markets Remain Buoyant after Summer Gains

23 September 2013, at 7:26am

BRAZIL - Quotes for chicken have been on the up since mid-June and continue into September due to supply dynamics.

In São Paulo State, prices have lifted 66 per cent, changing from 1.75 reals per kilo roughly three months ago to 2.90 reals (1.27 dollar) per kilo on 16 September.

In Pará de Minas (Minas Gerais State), the average was 2.83 reals (1.24 dollar) per kilo on the same day, for an increase of 56 per cent in the period. Quotes have been affected mainly by the low supply of animals available in the market.

Apinco (Brazilian Chick Producers Association) data indicate that the output of chicks dropped 6.9 per cent from May to June (the most recent data available), which represents a decrease of 36.62 million animals.

Most significant decreases were registered in the Southern and Southeastern regions, with decreases of 19.5 and 8 million animals, respectively. Players surveyed by Cepea say that the production continued at low levels in the following months, resulting in new price rises for chicken.