Kenocox: Missing Link in Coccidiosis Control

BELGIUM - In today's modern poultry farming, coccidiosis is one of the most harmful parasitic diseases, especially in broiler chicken, according to CID Lines. It is caused by a protozoan-type parasite of the genus, Eimeria.
calendar icon 10 October 2013
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General symptoms are diarhea, weight loss, dehydration, depression and eventually death. Infection happens trough ingesting the infective or sporulated oocysts in the litter, soil, feed or water.


Keno™cox is a broad spectrum disinfectant effective against excreted endoparasites (e.g. Eimeria spp, Cryptosporidium parvum) and bacteria. Keno™cox helps to reduce infection pressure in the poultry house. It can be applied on all kinds of surfaces. Keno™cox is a unique formula without phenol, safe for users and animals.

Properties include:

  • a non-toxic coccidiocidal disinfectant
  • with a better activity against sporulated oocysts then phenol products
  • with proven bactericidial & virucidal activity
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