Azerbaijan to Increase Egg Production

by 5m Editor
28 November 2013, at 7:09am

AZERBAIJAN - According to the State Programme on Food Security, annual egg production in the poultry factories in Azerbaijan should be increased by 26 per cent or 252 million to 1.2 billion units by 2015, said the spokesman of the Ministry of Agriculture Chingiz Farajov.

According to Azeri Press Agency, he said Azerbaijan produces 1.2 billion units of eggs in all categories: "This figure should reach 1.5 billion by 2015."

Mr Farajov noted that one of the main targets is to produce all breeder eggs in the country.

Poultry factories need 100 mln breeder eggs per year. However, the factories produce 60 million breeder eggs out of which 40 million of eggs are imported.