Sturdy Brown Layers from Indbro for Rural Egg Production

INDIA - Pure-line breeding company, Indbro Research & Breeding Farms Pvt. Ltd, has come up with a sturdy brown layer capable of producing 300 eggs under rural production conditions with low-quality inputs.
calendar icon 1 November 2013
clock icon 3 minute read

These 'Indbro Brown' Layers weigh 1600g at maturity and 2200g at the end of lay. The birds mature by 19 weeks, laying large brown eggs.

The Government of India, along with state governments, is successfully implementing backyard poultry production schemes. The concept of 'Mother Unit' is taking care of the initial brooding and vaccination requirements. Taking the concept of 'Production by masses', many state governments are planning to promote 100-bird laying units in many households in rural areas.

The sturdy, coloured layers will be reared in mother units up to 16 weeks and all vaccinations will be completed. The beneficiaries are being provided with a low-cost house with cages to house 100 females.

The unit has a small water tank with nipple drinkers. The beneficiary is supplied with birds 16 weeks of age. Filling the water tank and feeding is the only job in the morning hours. Between 80 and 90 clean, large dark brown eggs can be collected in the evening. These eggs produced in the rural areas meet the requirements of local schools and hospitals.

Indbro Research & Breeding Farms Pvt. ltd. is already producing the 'Rainbow Rooster', which is a multicoloured dual-purpose” bird to meet the requirement of these rural chicken production schemes.

The company has been working on the sturdy layers for a decade. The company is confident of filling the gap in rural egg production with its sturdy 'Indbro Brown' layers.

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