Better Prospects Ahead for Thailand's Chicken Sector

23 December 2013, at 6:53am

THAILAND - An improving outlook for the Thai chicken meat industry has been forecast for next year, while one troubled processing company has reportedly received financial backing to keep it in business.

Broiler producer, Saha Farms, has reportedly been granted 2.7 billion baht (THB; around US$83 million) by a creditor, according to The Nation.

The newspaper estimates this will be enough to maintain production at 600,000 to 800,000 chickens per week or one-quarter of its capacity of 2.5 million birds. This level should not have a great impact on the industry.

The outlook for the broiler business in 2014 should be better, continues the report, as markets in Asia are beginning to allow import of Thai fresh broiler products. Singapore is first, announcing last week that it has opened its markets and the industry expects Japan to follow suit.