Chinese Delegates Show Interest in Brazilian Poultry

by 5m Editor
17 December 2013, at 5:17am

BRAZIL - A Chinese delegation has visited two Brazilian chicken establishments in Paraná and Rio Grande do Sul. The visit was made in order to evaluate the service of the plants that were suspended last year, so trade may be resumed, the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture reports.

According to Leandro Feijoo, acting director of the Department of Inspection and Animal Products of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA), the visit is shows positive signs for Brazil as China has shown an interest in resuming imports from the Brazilian slaughterhouses.

"The Chinese are very optimistic. The reason for the suspension was of a bureaucratic nature and hygiene and sanitary issues have been checked as well as microbiological contaminants and waste controls," Mr Feijoo said.

The mission began on Monday (16 December) and will go on till Friday (20 December).