Alabama Poultry Farmers Say Propane Shortage Could Be Devastating

by 5m Editor
24 January 2014, at 7:33am

US - A nationwide propane fuel shortage is having a trickle down effect on Alabama's poultry growers. Many of them depend on propane to keep their chicken houses warm so their chicks don’t freeze to death.

“About three weeks ago is when everything started,” said a local grower who did not want his name used. “They started rationing the gas. They got it down to where we could only get 50 per cent in a 1,000 gallon tank.”

According to WHNT19News, but now, he says the fuel shipments have completely stopped. Many propane companies, fed by the same supplier, have cut off farmers and industrial customers so they can keep supplying homes.

“If I don’t get any gas from what I’ve got right now, I’ll have 98,000 birds dead. That’s a lot of chickens.”

The farmer said that will be a loss of $45,000. He says there are really no options right now to save his investment.