Brazilian Egg Prices Take a Dive

by 5m Editor
21 January 2014, at 5:11am

BRAZIL - According to Brazil's Center for Advanced Studies on Applied Economics (CEPEA), the value of egg prices retreated during mid-January.

During this month (until 17 January), the value of egg prices dropped by 18.6 per cent for brown eggs in Greater Belo Horizonte.

As for white eggs, the most significant decrease during this period was by 18.2 per cent, which was recorded in the region of Bastos (SP).

The pressure comes from both demand and supply. According to CEPEA, demand has badly weakened early this year, which is typical for the period.

With the holidays, eating habits have changed, which has led to a reduction in egg sales.

Regarding supply, the volume of small and medium eggs is still high, especially in Bastos, which puts pressure on prices.