Danisco Animal Nutrition Unlocks Full Potential of Feed

UK - Danisco Animal Nutrition, a subsidiary of DuPont, will mark over 25 years of innovative product launches with yet another 'first' that they will unveil at IPPE 2014 - a combined enzyme and multi-strain probiotic solution designed to fully unlock healthy nutrition benefits from animal feed.
calendar icon 10 January 2014
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At a time when poultry producers are struggling to cope with volatile conditions, profitability and liveability challenges, Syncra® AVI takes the superior feed efficiency results from separate enzyme and probiotic applications already offered by Danisco Animal Nutrition to a new level.

Multiple trials at independent research organisations have proved that this xylanase, amylase, protease and multi-strain Bacillus combination offers superior performance results throughout the production cycle as a result of complementary modes of action:

  • Xylanase breaks down the non starch polysaccharides (NSPs) such as arabinoxylans in the fibre-fraction of the feed, releasing previously trapped nutrients
  • Amylase increases the hydrolysis of starch, improving its digestibility and complements the secretion of endogenous amylases
  • Protease increases the digestibility of protein and breaks down specific anti-nutrients in the feed
  • Bacillus probiotics establish and maintain a beneficial microbial population in the gut of the bird, making the gut environment less conducive to colonization by microorganisms that may have a negative impact on animal performance.

Specific healthy nutrition benefits that Syncra AVI offers include:

  • A 14 per cent net improvement in relative cost per pound live-weight gain for Clostridium perfringens-challenged birds (based on feed costs as of November 2013).
  • Approximately three-to-one return on investment even for low challenge birds, resulting from significantly improved digestibility and gut health support.

Janet Remus, Director Technical Services at Danisco Animal Nutrition, commented: “Achieving optimum healthy broiler performance from feed is key to our customers’ profitability. Syncra AVI offers them a unique means of delivering performance while saving feed costs.”

Syncra AVI is supplied at the optimum enzyme to probiotic ratio to achieve superior performance, digestibility and healthy bird benefits. Excellent levels of nutrient release are ensured by its high stability (to 203°F or 95°C) in pelleted diets.

For more information on Syncra AVI, visit www.dupont.com or email [email protected].

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