Foundation Awards Grant to Texas A&M

23 January 2014, at 1:15am

US - Texas A&M University recently received a $31,557 student-recruiting grant from the USPoultry Foundation.

The cheque was presented by Brian Barrett, president of Feather Crest Farms and USPoultry board member, and T.J. Klein, complex manager for Feather Crest Farms, to Dr David J. Caldwell, professor and head, Poultry Science Department at Texas A&M University. James Grimm, executive vice president of the Texas Poultry Federation, assisted with the presentation.

Dr Caldwell remarked: “We greatly appreciate USPoultry’s support of our student and departmental programs. In the coming year, we plan to strengthen existing departmental student recruitment / development programmes and develop new and innovative strategies for attracting youth to the department and the field of poultry science.”

The USPoultry Foundation board recently approved student recruiting grants totalling more than $183,000 to the six US universities with poultry science departments and 14 other institutions with industry related programs. The Foundation provides annual recruiting funds to colleges and universities to attract students to their poultry programmes.